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  • Detroit Educational Article of the Month - What Should I Do With A Squirrel After I Catch It?

What Should I Do With A Squirrel After I Catch It?

What Should I Do With A Squirrel After I Catch It?

With many ways of catching and trapping squirrels available, the question is what one should do with a squirrel when he or she catches it. If that is what you have been thinking, you are not to continue in your worries as this site is about to provide you information you need on the best way to get rid of Michigan squirrel caught in your trap. You must avoid feeding your pets with squirrel meat as you may not really known the one that is carrying diseases and the one that is healthy. So, keep your pet away from trapped Detroit squirrel.

Relocate Squirrel to Faraway Place When You Trap It
Relocation is an advisable method of squirrel removal usually encouraged by the Michigan professionals. For that reason, if you have succeeded in trapping Detroit squirrel in your trap what you have to do is to put the trap with the squirrel into the booth of your car and drive to place with no building then release the Michigan squirrel to go. The squirrel will easily survive in a new location and it can easily safe itself against the predators in the new environment due to its smart nature.

Avoid Killing Squirrel in Your Trap
You must make sure that you avoid killing Michigan squirrel you trapped in your cage as that can put you into problem depending in the part of the world you are. If you are in the United State you must abstain from killing Detroit squirrel as it is illegal in some part of the United State and also normally attract huge find up to $500 from the offender. For that reason, relocation will still be the best option for you when you have squirrel in your trap.

Take the Trap to Wooded Area Possibly a Park and Release the Squirrel into Wild
For you to do this, you must ensure that you are about 30 miles away from Detroit areas with human dwellings then, release it to go into the wild. The squirrel will not come back to your house again and you will be rest assured that you enjoy clear conscience after releasing it into the park or wooded area.

You Can Kill the Squirrel in Your Trap
Killing squirrel in your trap can give you squirrel free Michigan home but not clear conscience. But, you can handle the guilty conscience associated with killing a helpless animal, you can go ahead and kill squirrel in your trap. But be ready to face legal sanction if you are in the Detroit area where killing of squirrel is not legal.

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