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  • Detroit Educational Article of the Month - What Is Raccoons Natural Diet?

What Is Raccoons Natural Diet?

What Is Raccoons Natural Diet?

Have you ever wonder that the natural diet of Detroit raccoon is? Do you want to know the foods that most attract this curious, intelligent nocturnal animal to human inhabitant? The truth is that, raccoons are omnivorous animals and always take advantage of variety of foods. For that reason, they are always ready to pawn on anything including crops and flesh. Raccoon foods are mainly determine by the Michigan environment where they find themselves at any point in time.

Raccoons Diet
Due to unlimited supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and others in the wild, Detroit raccoons mainly feed on them as their natural diet. They always move from place to place in the night eating fresh vegetables of various sort and forms. More so, they are always eating as much foods as possible while in the Michigan summer so the foods will be converted to fat which will supply them energy during winter season when they will only remain in their dens. For that reason, they can consume entire veggies in a particular place preventing the vegetable from growing up in the Detroit summer season.

The Natural Diet of Raccoons While In Manmade Structure
While living in te manmade structure where there is limited supply of fresh veggies, fruits and nuts, raccoons are likely to feed on human foods. This is still in line with their opportunistic dieting nature. For that reason, they can invade trashcans in search of left over foods and can even eat up any food in your kitchen if they find their way in there. Most of the raccoon foods are mainly sweet foods such as fruits and different kinds of invertebrates.

Some of Raccoons Favorite Foods in the Wild
With excellent set of teeth to tear meat, grind plant and eat all sorts of crops, Detroit raccoons in the wild are likely to feed on variety of foods.
Some of them include:

• Fish
• Eggs
• Fruits
• Frogs
• Chicken
• Squirrels
• Small snakes
• Worms and lots more

Raccoons in the City Scavenge to Get Food
Indeed, in order to survive extreme Michigan climatic changes, raccoons normally eat all sorts of foods and continue to eat until when the Detroit climatic condition is nor favorable for them to go out in search of food. While in the Detroit city they can scavenge to ensure that they find foods in the dumpsters, road kill and even garbage cans making them to get infected with different kinds of virus and bacteria diseases.

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